Endorsements, Forums, & Questionnaires

I am grateful to receive the endorsement of so many hardworking community leaders and organizations that share a common vision for Ward 2. If you’re looking for who I am endorsing, click here.

  • Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley
    “From protecting the rights of tenants to strengthening climate resilience to improving transparency and accessibility in city government, J.T. is doing the Work of making Somerville a more inclusive, equitable community, and I’m proud to endorse his campaign for re-election.”
  • State Representative Erika Uyterhoeven
    “Over the past four years, JT has been an incredibly effective City Councilor with concrete policy wins in housing, racial justice, transparency, community benefits, policing, climate, open space, and environment. […] In addition to being an effective policymaker, JT has stayed true to the commitments he made during his first campaign, he is the only City Councilor who I have agreed with 100% on his votes. If more electeds led with the kind of integrity JT has, we would live in a society with far more trust in our public institutions.” 
  • State Representative Mike Connolly
    “In his first two terms, J.T. Scott has done it all — from advancing transformative policies around housing justice and defunding the police to holding the City Administration accountable and being highly accessible to constituents in the ward. I’m proud to once again endorse J.T. Scott for Somerville Ward 2 City Councilor.”
  • Somerville City Councilor Ben Ewen-Campen
  • Somerville City Councilor Mark Neidergang
    “I’m supporting Ward 2 Councilor JT Scott for re-election on November 2 because he is an incredibly smart, hardworking, progressive, passionate and impactful force on the City Council. I’ve seen scores of Aldermen and City Councilors in action in my 35 years in Somerville, and JT is one of the most effective.  He works hard, does his homework, does extensive research, and analyzes issues deeply. […] Ward 2 may be the most challenging ward for a Ward Councilor due to the enormous changes taking place in Union Square and the massive redevelopment in Union Square and Boynton Yards.  The Ward 2 Councilor needs to understand complex development proposals put forward by developers in order to help neighbors weigh in and make sure that the neighborhood and the community are not taken advantage of by developers.  I’ve attended many development project meetings that JT has facilitated, and he is masterful.  This is an important role that a Ward Councilor plays.  The City needs a Ward 2 Councilor with the skills, smarts and commitment to the community’s well-being that JT Scott has proven that he has.”
  • Somerville City Councilor Will Mbah
  • Disability Advocate Bonnie Denis
    “JT has consistently listened to disability issues and fought for them to be acknowledged and addressed at city council with an unparalleled dedication. Many people say they care, but few have followed through on prioritizing accessibility when it means pushing back against those in power. Our city’s shortcomings when it comes to accessibility are beyond question, and JT isn’t afraid to say the things that need to be said to keep them from being brushed aside.”
  • Kate Byrne
    “In 2018 when JT Scott came into office as the Ward 2 Councilor much of the development in Union Square was already determined. Our neighborhood was under siege and many residents were organizing to fight displacement. […] Zoning requires that the Ward Councilor chair meetings of residents and developers to assure that the peoples’ voices are heard and as many demands as possible are met. JT Scott has convened over 150 of these meetings in the last 4 years. He attempts to appear dispassionate, but he will always warn developers that the residents are not going away. […] JT Scott has supported tenant organizing, housing justice, racial equity and inclusion, development without displacement, re-imagining policing, LGBTQ rights, and so much more. […] What we know about JT is that he is relentless, he does not give up or give in. He is smart, passionate and caring. He has one child in the Somerville Public Schools, he is a home owner in Union Square and a business owner in Union Square. He has deep roots and as much at stake as the rest of us.”
  • Isabella Milanowski
    “When I heard JT speak at the High School, during Trans Remembrance flag raising in support of the LGBTQ Community, I felt respected and that my community could have some support in our city government.”
  • Our Revolution Somerville
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • Greater Boston Labor Council
  • Sunrise Movement Tufts

It’s important that you know about your choices and vote in local elections – and it can be hard to get that information! We’ve gathered it for you. You can read for yourself here the different visions offered by both candidates for Ward 2 City Councilor in the 2021 election on November 2.


Below are a few video forums where you can hear directly from both candidates on a range of topics facing the city and the ward.

Somerville Media Center sponsored Ward 2
CAAS/Renter’s Committee forum, Ward 2 answers only


Below are the questionnaires submitted by candidates for the 2021 Ward 2 election for several community organizations, including Our Revolution Somerville, the Somerville Renter’s Committee, Somerville YIMBY, Union Square Main Streets, Vision Zero Committee, and the Somerville Educators Union.

JT ScottSteph Aman
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