JT Scott: Endorsed by Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

Doing your research for the upcoming election? We've gathered up all the FORUMS, QUESTIONNAIRES, and ENDORSEMENTS from various community groups on one easy page so that you can learn about BOTH candidates for Ward 2 City Councilor in 2021. Click here to see them!

The 2023 election season is pretty sleepy, and I'm unopposed, but the information above is still very much how I feel about the issues in the city - so feel free to give them a read!


You've got questions, and I've held office hours every Friday morning from 8-10am (from 2018 to 2023) to answer them. We have gone hybrid (and have to shorten the hours to 8-9am)! Click the button here to join in any Friday morning, or come to 269 Washington St.

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A Vision for Accountability and Transparency

Whether you’ve lived in Somerville for 3 months or 3 generations, we all want the same thing:  the ability to live and work in a community we love without getting displaced. We can welcome change while still ensuring the city is looking out for current residents to preserve the diversity, sense of community, support for artists, and other features that make Somerville such a great place to live while improving the city with more green space and a better environment for walking and biking.

We also need to guarantee that Somerville listens to what the residents want.  When making big decisions that will impact the city for generations to come, the city can do better if we get everyone involved and take community feedback seriously.

Neighborhood Meetings

I hosted over 150 neighborhood meetings to get your feedback in the 3+ years I've been in office, and I want to have your email address so that I can keep you informed about upcoming meetings. Please sign up for the email list today!

Weekly Office Hours

In addition, I also host open office hours every Friday morning from 8-10am at my home, 269 Washington Street in Union Square. Come on down sometime to chat about anything that's on your mind, or join us with our hybrid meeting link.

Financial Transparency

Part of being committed to accountability and transparency is ensuring that you know who is representing you and what financial interests they may have. I don't accept real estate developer money, and I'm happy to have published my full financial disclosure information here.

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J.T. doesn't accept campaign contributions from real estate developers, real estate lawyers, or their immediate family members. Aldermen should represent you, the residents!


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