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Change has come to Ward 2

Whether you’ve lived in Somerville for 3 months or 3 generations, we all want the same thing:  the ability to live and work in a community we love without getting displaced. We can welcome change while still ensuring the city is looking out for current residents to preserve the diversity, sense of community, support for artists, and other features that make Somerville such a great place to live while improving the city with more green space and a better environment for walking and biking.

We also need to guarantee that Somerville listens to what the residents want.  When making big decisions that will impact the city for generations to come, the city can do better if we get everyone involved and take community feedback seriously.

I am bringing measures forward right now in my first session to make substantive change. At the same time, the City is attempting to move forward with a citywide zoning overhaul that will transform our neighborhoods.

I'll be hosting neighborhood meetings to get your feedback on all of these things, and I want to have your email address so that I can keep you informed about upcoming meetings. Please sign up for the email list today!

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