Love to the mothers, and to those who choose not to be. Love to those who are trying to become mothers, and love to those who can’t. Much love to those who are finding the ways to be mothers in nontraditional ways.

Love to those whose mothers supported and sustained them, and to those who needed to leave in order to be healthy and safe. Your mothers all did their best, and I hope we can support each other to do better with every generation.

Love to my mother, and the mother of my child, and everyone who’s thinking of their mothers today.


My mother worked hard to raise me right in a rough situation. She dropped out of college when she became pregnant and spent the rest of her life dedicated to her family. She eventually went back after 15 years to finish her degree part-time and was proud of her education, but her passion was always her husband, children, and grandchildren. She was an artist, quilter, crafter, and master of all the small and large things it takes to keep a home and a family together through some very tough times.

Not everyone is as lucky as I was. Not everyone gets to have a mother for as long as they need, and not everyone’s mother does as well as they’d like. I meet mothers every day in Ward 2 who are struggling to make it all work; it’s not easy. We don’t do enough to support women – from medical care to paid maternal leave – and help all those who make the choice to become mothers be the best mothers they can be.

That’s one reason why I feel blessed to have a partner who is a spectacularly strong woman herself. The mother of my child is an artist and businesswoman, yes – and also an observant, patient, kind, and wise woman who supports me in my endeavors and is helping to raise our daughter to be strong, inquisitive, unafraid, and independent. As I’ve said many times, my life doesn’t work without her. I’m honored to work with her and support her in every way I can.

My own mother died in 2013, and I miss her all the time. I only have so many ways to tell Indy who her grandmother was, but I can honor her legacy best by doing all I can to be a good parent and support Indy’s mother.

I have been blessed to be supported and surrounded by incredible women my entire life – and am grateful for the efforts of not just the mothers, but all women working to make the world a better place for this generation and the ones who come after.

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