Kickoff Event May 16th @ 6:30pm, Brass Union

I am hosting a gathering to officially “kick-off” my campaign for Alderman, and I’d love to see you there.

WHEN: May 16th, 6:30pm-8pm
WHERE: Brass Union
(RSVP requested but not required – no one will be turned away.)


Running for public office isn’t something I ever thought I’d do, but I’ve felt called to do it this year – both by the situation nationally and by the intense affordability and development pressure locally.

As I’ve observed politics both locally and nationally over the past many years I have seen that while protest is essential, real change only comes with electoral pressure. It is up to all of us to get involved, to contribute, and to vote. And for some very few, it is on us to stand up and run for office.

Standing for election is no small matter. A candidate is asked to give up 8 months of their lives to knock on doors, make phone calls, and spend every possible moment working on the campaign. In some cases, that means leaving a job to do so. It also takes a lot of money: winning this Alderman seat will cost over $30,000 in donations. All of that to win a job you might not get, and ultimately to get a job that doesn’t pay you enough to live in the community you aim to serve.

It takes an enormous amount of privilege and dedication to run for office. Ultimately, I want to level the playing field so that this isn’t the case – through campaign finance reform, improved affordability in the city, and state funded elections – but in order to do so, we need people who demand change to RUN and WIN.

I have to RUN because no one else has been willing to stand up and demand electoral change for 15 years in Ward 2.
I have to RUN because I have been blessed with enormous good fortune in my life, and am in a position where I can devote the time and energy to do so.

But I have to WIN because we desperately need to change the way the world works.

I have to WIN because being a Sanctuary City doesn’t matter if the people who need Sanctuary can’t afford to live here.
I have to WIN because more of my neighbors are being pushed out of Somerville every year.
I have to WIN because the people of Somerville deserve to have their voices heard and heeded by their elected representatives, not ignored.
I have to WIN because the only way any of us can be safe is when all of us are safe.

So I’m asking you to help me win. Please come out to the kickoff event – and please make a donation to my campaign.
Together, we can change the world – starting right here in Somerville.