Financial Disclosures

Every year, candidates and elected officials have to file full disclosures of their financial matters to help ensure that there are no Conflicts of Interest. The City Solicitor in Somerville has declared that these are largely covered by a privacy exemption from Public Records Requests. However, JT believes in transparency – and in the spirit of transparency is publishing his financial interest information here.

Fully detailed campaign finance reports, including all donations accepted and funds spent, can be found at this link.

A summary of the properties JT owns is below, and the full PDF of his annual Statement of Financial Interests is available here for download.

The 269 Washington St property is his residential address purchased in 2015, but for many decades the City of Somerville has classified and taxed it as a commercial property due to its primary use as therapy offices, with a residential apartment in the rear where JT now lives with his family. (For several years prior, JT’s family was a tenant in the home at 273 Washington St.)

The 35 Prospect St property is the location of JT’s gym business, CrossFit Somerville. After he opened the gym in late 2011, the City released its “Revitalization Plan” in August 2012 which marked the parcel for potential seizure by eminent domain and redevelopment. The Massachusetts Conflict of Interest law is very clear on the scope of recusal required in such a case, and JT has consulted with the state’s lawyers to ensure compliance.

The 60 Dudley St property is a condo in Chelsea which served as JT’s home for several years. Since moving to Somerville, JT has leased the condo as rental property and does not claim a residential exemption at that address.

Neither the therapy rental offices nor the gym business have any contracts or financial interests related to any other City of Somerville matters or employees.