It’s been a long 3+ years on the City Council, and I’m incredibly proud of everything we’ve accomplished. Everything here has been a team effort with community advocates, organizers, labor, city staff, or my colleagues on the City Council – and sometimes all of the above. That said, these are the things that I’m particularly proud of having a significant or leading role in achieving since first being elected.


  • Tenant protections in Condo Conversion Ordinance
  • Jumpstarted the Somerville Community Land Trust
  • Regulated AirBnB, created Office of Housing Stability

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Crafted Racial Equity provisions of Marijuana Ordinance
  • Created strongest Wage Theft Ordinance in MA
  • Civilian Police Oversight and Police Commission
  • Proposed giving voting rights to non-citizen residents
  • Fighting for translation of all City Council meetings

Transparency, Accountability, Accessibility

  • Overhauled confirmation of mayoral appointments
  • All Council meetings recorded and available online
  • Only Councilor to hold weekly office hours open to all
  • Hosted over 150 neighborhood meetings in 3 years

Police, Prison, and Carceral Reform

  • Discovered and banned the use of prison labor by the city
  • Banned tear gas and facial recognition surveillance
  • Redirected over $1M from police spending to city services and Dept of Racial and Social Justice

Open Space, Climate, Environment

  • Created 3 new parks in Ward 2
  • Passed Tree Preservation Ordinance, protecting tree canopy
  • Secured funding for stormwater and flooding mitigation
  • Fought for needed soil remediation at Conway Park